Individual Sessions

50 minute session for £60

Daily Rate

Ideal for schools or businesses £200
Includes up to 4 clients a day 


Report writing and Meetings

Meetings are charged at £50
Reports provided upon request for £60

My Approach

I work using a non-directive holistic approach where the sessions are child led. My approach provides a safe space for children to explore their inner thoughts and feelings without the pressure of verbal communication. My role ensures the child has support during their time of deep processing and understanding emotions which may arise. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the sessions?

Individual sessions are 40 minutes long and group sessions are 1 hour.

What happens during a session?

Children are given the freedom to explore the toolkit within the room freely and will lead the session where the therapist will follow and support when needed.

What is in the room?

The room consists of a lot of different mediums such as arts and crafts, clay, sandtray and miniatures, puppets, therapeutic stories and creative visualisations. 

Do you ask questions during the session?

The non-directive approach used means the therapist will not direct unless it appears the child is stuck or needs support in moving forward with a process. Reflections are made of the child. 

 Can I ask my child about the sessions?

If a child offers to talk about the sessions this is absolutely fine but ideally it is best to avoid asking as they may not be ready to discuss these things yet. Additionally they may not understand their thoughts and feelings enough to verbally express them yet.

How long does play therapy last?

This is dependant upon the child however the minimum number of sessions is 12 as it is important to give the child a chance to build a relationship with the therapist.